Singapore Ebike Laws and Rules Summarized

Ebikes are also known as Power-Assisted Bicycles and they are regulated by the Active Mobility Act 2017 in Singapore. Here we summary the basic rules in this act for your easy reference. 


1. LTA-Approval

All ebikes used legally in Singapore must be approved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). These ebikes should bear an orange seal and number plate (refer to the schematic below at the bottom of this page).

2. Age Requirement

 All riders of ebikes must be at least 16 years old.

3. Online Theory Test

You must attend and pass a compulsory online theory test before you can legally ride the ebike in Singapore. Please refer to this guide for more information. 

4. Helmet Requirement

It is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding an ebike. Failing to do so may incur a heavy fine of up to SGD 1,000.

5. Ownership Transfer

Upon purchase of the ebike,  the buyer and the seller have to complete ownership transfer via LTA's Onemotoring system within 7 days. Refer to this step-by-step guide for more information 

 6. Riding Locations

Ebikes are permitted on roads (excluding expressways), cycling paths, shared paths, and Park Connector Networks (PCNs). Riding on footpaths and expressways is prohibited.

7. Speed and Weight Limits

The maximum speed permitted for an ebike under electric power assistance is 25km/hr. When the ebike goes above 25km/hr, the motor power should be cut off and there should not be any power assistance from the electric motor. Singapore also imposes an unladen weight limit of 20kg and a width limit of 70cm on an ebike due to safety reasons. 


8. Start-Up Assistance

The ebike should only get power assistance when the rider starts pedaling. It should not have any throttle , or any form of power assistance apart from pedaling. In short, throttles are not allowed on an ebike in Singapore. 

9. Modifications

Modifying an ebike with third-party parts or ebike conversion kits is illegal in Singapore.


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