How to get ebike license in Singapore?

Ebikes are also known as Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs) in Singapore. 

From 1 January 2022, power-assisted bicycle (PAB) and e-scooter riders must pass a mandatory online theory test before they are able to ride on cycling paths and roads (applicable to PABs only). 

Riders who wish to take the test must register for an account on the theory test portal using their SingPass at least a day before taking the test. Given the minimum age required for using these active mobility devices, those registering for the tests must be at least 16 years old. 

How to register for your Ebike / PAB theory test:

Step by Step Guide

Register for Online Theory Test of Power-Assisted Bicycle



$10 + Tax per attempt


The theory test will comprise 30 multiple-choice questions for the e-scooter test and 40 for the PAB test. Those sitting for the e-scooter test and PAB test will have 30 minutes and 40 minutes respectively to complete the tests. A digital certificate, with no expiry date, will be issued to those who pass. The passing score is 80%.

Competency Test Certificate as prescribed under the Active Mobility Act 2017 and Road Traffic Act 1961 in relation to the proper use of an electric scooter (“e-scooter”) and/or power-assisted bicycle (“PAB”)

Digital certificate will be awarded after you have passed the test.


How to study for your test?

Handbook - English

Handbook - 中文

Handbook - Malay

Handbook - Tamil


Try the sample questions from the link below:

Sample question


If you need any additional help, you may contact us through the chat window on our website or simply head to our showroom for assistance with your theory test registration.

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