Tips - How to Sell Your Used Ebike for a Higher Price

Many of our customers are considering selling their old ebikes before buying a new one, but they often found it difficult to sell it off at a high price on second-hand marketplaces like Carousell. In this article, we are going to share with you some strategies and tips that you can follow to help you maximize the value of your old ebike.


Strategy 1: Enhance the aesthetics of your ebike beforehand.

It's human nature for buyers to be willing to pay more for a bike that looks good. If your used ebike is dirty or has rust on some components, start by cleaning it thoroughly and removing any rust. If you have a good working ebike, selling it without cleaning it up can significantly reduce its perceived value. If some components show obvious signs of wear and tear, such as a worn tire, hand grip, or a rusty chain, It might be worthy it to invest a small amount of money to get a new one. Common bicycle components like tyres, hand grips and chains do not cost much if you get them from online marketplaces. However, a new tyre / hand grip / chain can greatly improve the overall look of your ebike and make potential buyers more willing to pay a higher price.


Strategy 2: strip it down and sell it as spare parts instead of an ebike.

If your used ebike is not in good working conditions and the repair cost is very high, you should consider this strategy.

In the Singapore ebike market, many models have been discontinued, making it difficult for users to find original parts. If your used bike is a discontinued model and you're struggling to sell it, you may consider this strategy to sell it as standalone spare parts.  To explain further, we would like to share with you some example cases first.

Recently, there was a walk-in customer at our showroom who had a Venom 2 ebike. His ebike was well maintained and worked great. The only issue is that the metal pin at the discharge point corroded, causing intermittent loss of power. He desperately needed that exact part (shown in the photo below) and he shared with us that he does not mind paying $100 to get it fixed. 

Another person shared with us that he ran into an accident and damaged the frame of his ebike. He is looking for exactly the same frame with transferrable ownership.

An brand-new ebike in Singapore could easily cost over $1000 dollars. Given its high value, some people in desperate need of a spare part may be willing to pay a high price to get his ebike back to normal. 

Instead of selling off a discontinued ebike online for $100-$200, if you are not in a hurry of selling it, you may do the following

  • strip your used bike down to individual components (frame with ownership, LCD, controller, motor, rim, etc)
  • clean them with degreaser and rust removal reagent, whatever necessary to make them clean
  • take clear photos for each component from different angles (provide measurements / dimensions if possible)
  • upload each component on marketplaces with your ebike brand, model and the corresponding component name

However, keep in mind that this strategy requires patience, as you may not know when someone will need the exact parts you have. If you are not in a hurry to sell, it might be worth waiting as this strategy will probably give you the maximum value out of your used ebike. 


Strategy 3: be sincere with your buyer.

Many people have been scammed or cheated when buying an used bike through second-hand marketplaces, with sellers disappearing / uncontactable after the transaction. Buyers are hesitant to pay a high price for a used bike while facing the risk of being cheated. 

Always be sincere and honest with your potential buyer. If there is anything wrong with your old bike, let the buyer know upfront. 

If possible, offer the buyer a 1-3 day grace period: within the grace period, the buyer can still contact you or even return it to you for a refund. By offering such a grace period, it will make it easier for you to sell it off as the buyer would not be very worried of getting cheated. 


Last but not least, do not forget to transfer the ownership of the ebike through Onemotoring to the buyer.