Can I bring an ebike or an ebike battery on plane and how to ship them overseas?

1. Can I bring an ebike or an ebike battery on plane?

The straightforward answer is "No." Most airlines stipulate that the battery must be under 100Wh to be permitted on the plane. Some airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, might allow batteries up to 160Wh. (Reference: Singapore Airlines Baggage Restrictions). However, all ebike batteries currently available in the local market exceed this limit, making them ineligible for check-in or carry-on. You might wonder, what if I wish to bring my ebike overseas? In such a case, you could opt to bring your ebike without its battery and ship the battery separately via an international courier, such as DHL, Fedex or UPS, or simply get a replacement battery at destination.


2. How to ship an ebike battery overseas by air?

Standalone ebike batteries are typically classified as UN3480 which is a number assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.  They are required to be packed in accordance to PI 965  Section IA where detailed instructions have been given in order to ensure the batteries are packed safely.  You should contact your courier service to determine the requirements for shipping your battery by air. Different courier services may have varying requirements, and it also depends on the local regulations of both the origin and destination countries. We herein list down the typical documents required by the airlines for your reference.

- Required Documents 

  • Shipper's Declaration required by the courier.

  • SDS (Safety Datasheet) of your ebike battery, issued by an accredited test laboratory.

  • UN38.3 Test Report by an accredited test laboratory.

  • Certificate for Safe Transport of Goods by Air, issued by an accredited test laboratory.

  • Lithium ion batteries offered for transport must be at a state of charge (SoC) not exceeding 30% of their rated capacity.

  • Other documents required by the courier and the airline.

As all these documents are subject to approval and acceptance by the courier and the airline. You will need to check with them on the detailed requirements


- Required Packaging and Labelling

UN specification packaging is required and it must meet Packing Group II standards. Class 9 Lithium Battery Label (Figure 1) with a CAO Label (Figure 2) should be affixed on the same surface of the package. You may wish to engage a dangerous-goods handling specialist or your courier service to help you out for packaging. The maximum weight of the package should not exceed 35kg. 

3. Conclusion

Shipping an ebike battery by air can be a complex and costly process. It may be simpler and more cost-effective to inquire with your ebike manufacturer if there is a local ebike shop in the destination country where you can purchase a replacement battery, rather than shipping your original battery. If you need any assistance or more information, do not hesitate to contact us at JIMOVE