Newly released PAB test handbook from LTA- what is it all about?

Welcome back, everybody! 

Land Transport Authority (LTA) is back with updates on the upcoming PAB/E-scooter theory tests. The tests will be available online from June 30 onwards, and consist of multiple-choice questions. 

Below is LTA’s Facebook post, which contains some brief updates about the theory test: 


This post is a continuation from our previous blog post about the much-discussed theory tests for e-scooter and PAB users. 

Before we begin, we would like to acknowledge that the implementation of the test has been a highly divisive topic so far. A quick look at the comments section of LTA’s post reveals that some members of the public are concerned that the mode of testing is unfriendly to illiterate or non-English speaking folks, as well as those who are not so technologically adeptIn response to this, we would like to assure you that the last sentence in LTA’s post indicates that the test handbooks will also be released in other common major languages in Singapore at a later date. Therefore, it is quite likely that the theory test will also be available in the languages these handbooks will be released in. 

However, the test will most likely remain online, especially in light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, and Singapore’s vision to turn the country into a Smart Nation. We believe this means that upon passing the test, an e-certificate will be issued to the test-takerWe also speculate that in future, LTA enforcement officers will be able to access a database with information about PAB/e-scooter license holders, and check this against the PAB/e-scooter user’s identification documents in order to determine whether they are licensed to use the device. Still, this can only be done after the grace period for obtaining a license has lapsed, so we expect this to become the norm maybe half a year down the line. 

On the other end of the spectrum, people have lauded these tests for being an essential gatekeeping measure which will bring down the worrisome number of accidents involving active mobility devices in recent years. We believe that both groups of people have valid concerns, but regardless, everyone has to accept the implementation of the test as our new reality. 

As of 30 Apr 2021, more details have been made available- LTA officially released the PAB test handbooks on the last day of April, which is great news for prospective and existing PAB users. Now everyone will know what to expect and can be adequately prepared by the time the test is made available. 


PAB test handbook? Where? 

Haven’t seen it yet? Here is the link to the PAB E-handbook: 


Got hardcopy anot? 

Not that we are aware of at this moment. 


Walao, 100 pages? Where got time? 

Worry not, we will assist to provide you with an overview of the modules and their learning outcomesPlease be reminded that the contents of our blog are not a substitute for the actual content in the handbook, so do look through the handbook at your own pace. No need to rush, the test will only be officially implemented on 30 June 2021, you could easily read 1-2 pages a day and be done by then.

Stay tuned for updates- we will be releasing 3 blog posts covering the main content for the modules found in the handbook! :)