Differences between JimOve MC-Pro vs Mobot ORCA 3.0

It is an exciting year for the ebike industry in Singapore. The LTA has approved a variety of ebikes in the past few months. Among them, the most popular ones are the fat-tire ebikes : the JimOve MC-Pro and Mobot ORCA 3.0. Many wonder what are the differences between the two. Here below is a summary for your easy reference.


JimOve MC-Pro ORCA 3.0 Comments
Battery 48v 19.2Ah 46.8v 20Ah They are quite close
Battery Discharge Point On top, Can be covered with a swimming cap

At the bottom, power pins sticking out, easily exposed to rain and short circuit

Tire 16x3" Fat Tire 16x3" Fat Tire Both has fat tires on them which provide more traction and stability on the road, especially in offroad conditions
Brakes Hydraulic Mechanical Hydraulic brakes on the JimOve MC-Pro provide more stopping power and smoother deceleration, and less maintenance required
Power System 48v 48v Both has 48v power system on them, providing more boost compared with 36v system, especially going upslope
Seatpost 33.9mm x 350mm 27.2mmx170mm
Crank Length 152mm 140mm
Chainring 46T 36T
Motor Rated Power 250W 240W
Pedal-Assist Level 0-5 0-3
Rear Rack Welded onto the frame Bolted onto the frame
Rim Spokes Rim Sports Rim
Foldability Handlebar Handlebar & Frame Body The ORCA 3.0 can be folded into a more compact geometry, making it easier for the rider to store / transport it.
Handlebar Height Adjustable  Not Adjustable
Retail Price $1,699 with 6 months warranty $1,799 with 6 months warranty




Both models are excellent bicycles, each with its own set of pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice of which bike is ideal depends on the customer's preferences. As you explore options for your dream electric bike, we invite you to visit our website to check out all the models available at Jimove. Additionally, you're welcome to visit our showroom for a test ride.