About Ji-move


Since 2014, when we designed and built our first e-bike, thousands of peoples have abandoned their cars for a more enjoyable ride on the most stylish, comfortable e-bike around. We create every e-bike with a unique combination of smooth design and high performance, specially made for everyday transportation and leisure riding.

Today, JIMOVE has become one of the fastest-growing electric bicycle manufacturers in China. We make it easier to live a healthier and active life. We make short distance travel more enjoyable, fast, and comfortable. For companies, we make commercial deliveries sustainable, while lowering transportation cost and shorten the delivery time. For cities, we bring streets to life, increase accessibility, improve air quality, and help our community become genuinely sustainable - environmentally, economically, and socially.

Sustainability is the fundament

Mobility is one of the essential demands in Singapore. It causes increased traffic and puts more pressure on the environment. Therefore, environmental requirements are becoming more strict. Also, fossil fuels are scarce and getting more expensive. This situation creates many new opportunities for the development of sustainable transport.
About half of all car trips are shorter than 30 kilometers, and 80% is even below 10 km — perfect distance for an e-bike.

Perfect for commuting

A JIMOVE e-bike brings you to work and home without breaking a sweat. With the support of our powerful engines, cycling will never be the same. You will discover that no hill is too steep, no bridge too high. With our electric bicycles, you'll always get where you need to be in no time.

Our Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB)

We delight in designing electric bikes that consider all ages and types of riders, from working professionals and urban commuters to recreational cyclists and thrill-seekers. Our e-bikes are known for providing the right combination of power, performance, dependability, and uncomplicated technology. Thoughtfully designed from the ground up, our hydroformed aluminum frame forms the backbone for a well-integrated system that includes superior components and a substantial focus on comfort. We carefully consider every new element on our e-bikes, and if it doesn't add to the better riding experience, it doesn't belong.

JIMOVE has invited cyclists to go for a ride and experience the difference. Some things are better experienced than explained.
We don't just make sustainable e-bikes, but also integrate the fun factor in the bikes. We offer a serious alternative for using the car by adding design elements and innovations from the automotive industry. This way, we always try to lift our e-bikes to a higher level.

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