Tips for buying a second-hand ebike - Episode 1

From time to time, we receive inquiries from customers seeking help with electrical issues on their ebikes. Often, after examining the design of their ebikes, we find ourselves unable to offer much assistance due to the intrinsic design of their ebikes. As an example, recently, a customer who had purchased a blue-tag ebike for over $1,000 approached us with a problem. Despite the high price he paid, he was experiencing intermittent power cut-offs. Upon inspection, we discovered that the battery discharge ports were located at the bottom, causing the metal pins to get flooded with rainwater and short-circuit the battery. Unfortunately, there was no way to fully cover the ports to prevent this issue.


If you're considering buying a second-hand ebike and are not very experienced with them, we recommend negotiating a 3-5 day grace period to try it out first. A used ebike costing $1,500 is not cheap, and you certainly don't want to spend extra money on major repairs like the battery or electrical wiring right after purchase. If you're purchasing a second-hand Jimove ebike or other ebikes of similar design in the market, the good news is that its battery discharge ports are located at the top. We suggest covering them with a swimming cap, which costs less than $3. Take good care of your ebike, and it will take care of your ride in return.